"The World's Fastest Shoe"

Directed and produced the creative marketing strategy for Shift Robotics Kickstarter launch and product pre-order launch. 

It All Began Here:  Kickstarter Launch

Our kickstarter film linked above managed to help them go over their asking goal of $90,000.00 to $329,409.00. After this initial success we began distributing the videos we created around the product to keep their momentum. 100% of the content created was based around an in depth SEO research process that our team went through during pre-production. Below are the results from Decemer-February of 2022-23.


Impressions: 78.9M

Followers: 300K

Pre-sales: 1.2M

Brand Imagery Styled By Cy'ree Clarke
Shift Robotics is still growing rapidly and we are honored that we played such a large role in their initial success.