Jake Armbruster
Hello! My name is Jake Armbruster. I am the classic college drop out story.  After a semester, I realized I was wasting my time when my video class spent an hour teaching me how a tripod works. After that, I figured it was time to do something on my own. I texted Sawyer that night with the name "Partum" (which is creative in Latin) and the rest is history. 
My main role is typically creative direction, production planning, and client relations (along with shooting and editing).
Aside from the company, I'm either skating or snowboarding depending on the season. I love traveling, film photography, and have a great passion for interior design/vintage clothing.
Sawyer Nix
What’s up I’m Sawyer!  After almost failing my microsoft word class due to Jake and I traveling for a job, becoming a “college dropout” only made sense. To this day it’s one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. Jake and I have been going 100 mph since! 
My usual roles are : directing, creative direction, shooting, and editing. I am often referred to as the “nerd” of the group. I thoroughly enjoy the process of making difficult ideas come to life on camera. Before Partum, I started my film journey making music videos - I enjoy taking that creative thinking process and using it for unique concepts/shot ideas for the videos we make now. 
Aside from the business, Jake and I (along with our buddy Ryan) put on an underground, house music dance club in the city we live called “OOPS”. I also enjoy dabbling in fashion and sneakers.
Teddy Giard
Hi! I'm a director, producer, consultant, and product developer with a vast experience in the CPG industry. 
In 2017, I co-founded Kanga Coolers, where I was responsible for brand strategy and creative marketing. My strategies led to over 110 million organic impressions in 2020. In addition, the company appeared on ABC's Shark Tank and grew from $0 to $6M in revenue within four years. 
In 2021, I worked as the Brand Director for Island Brands USA, where I used digital advertising and creative strategies to raise over $5M in crowdfunding and earn the company a spot on the INC 5000 list. 
I am now full time on this adventure called The Partum Company creating TV/ short-form advertisements and providing consulting services to help businesses implement scaleable and quantitatively driven marketing strategies!

Thank you!