What We Do
In short, we tell stories.
We use creative film techniques to tell a visually captivating story for you or your brand. We provide full scale production, creative consulting and photography. No project is too big or small, click the contact button and lets get to work!

About The Founders

Jake Armbruster
Hello, my name is Jake Armbruster. I am the classic college drop out story.  After a semester there, I realized I was wasting my time when a class I was in, spent an hour teaching me how a tripod works. After that, I knew it was time to do something on my own. Texted Sawyer about it and the rest is history.
Aside from the company, I'm either skating or snowboarding depending on the season. I love to travel anywhere and everywhere to see new things and of course new skateparks. I also have a girlfriend, she's pretty great.
Sawyer Nix
Hello, I am Sawyer Nix. Like Jake, I attended College for a year with a plan to major in Business with a marketing emphasis. During that first year, it was SUPER stressful trying to balance school with running a business. I realized that Partum was something I wanted to put my all into. If we didn’t go for it now, we might not have the chance in the future. I am very blessed and excited to be running this company with Jake and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.
So a little about myself - I was born and raised in Piedmont, SC. I got into videography by making fun little videos on my phone using an iPhone 6 and a GoPro. I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend and going to the coast. I also love to skate and try to almost everyday. Jake and I skate together most days as a "break" from work. I love to travel and hope to one day soon live in Hawaii for a bit.